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Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja

Item Name Quantity
Agarbatti 1 or 2 boxes
Bananas (fruit) 2 doz
Betel Leaves 40 nos
Betel Nuts 30 nos
Blouse Piece 1
Camphor (aarati) 50 gms
Coconuts 3
Coins (quarters) 40
Dhoti Angavastram 1 set
Flowers (garland) 1
Flowers (loose) 1 bunch
Ghee 1 bottle
Honey 1 bottle
Kalasam 1
Kumkum 25 gms
Milk 1/2 gallon
Rice 4 pounds
Saffron 2 gms
Sandal Powder 1 tin or packet
Sri Satyanarayanaswamy Photo 1
Sugar 1 pound
Towels 2 Full Size
Turmeric Powder 25 gms
White Cotton Thread 1 bundle
Yogurt (Home made or without gelatin) 1 quart


  • Please contact the temple office a few days in advance and schedule the day, date and time

  • Please be on time for the pooja and make sure that you have all the items listed above

  • Dakshina for the priest is not included in the suggested donation. It’s purely the discretion of the devotee.

  • Feedback or suggestions regarding the services are welcome.<< click on the link >>

Due to COVID-19, Temple facility is currently closed. Devotees are requested not to visit the temple in person, due to current health and curfew restrictions. We will open as soon as possible, in accordance with guidelines provided by appropriate authorities